July 2008 E-Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Cheap and profession business cards
  • Internet sales growing
  • Costs should be no barrier to good website
  • En Pointe current special
  • Define the difference when planning your marketing communications

Cheap… And Professional

Did you know you can purchase 1000 business cards from En Pointe for as little as $125?

If you bring your existing business card to En Pointe or choose one of our business card templates (see website for more information) 1000 cards will cost you only $125. Alternatively, En Pointe can design a new business card for you for an extra $50.

En Pointe business cards are printed in full colour on 360gsm artboard, which is slightly thicker and tougher than most business cards. Plus you have the choice of matt or gloss finish, lamination on the front or no lamination, and printing on one or two sides.

You won’t find a better deal anywhere. Contact En Pointe today to discuss your business card needs.

Internet Sales Growing

More and more people are turning to the Internet to do business. People are buying products on the Internet and researching and comparing products before identifying a suitable business to phone or visit.

In the United States alone, sales from the Internet are around US$561 billion a year. At the turn of the century Internet business was less than US$2 billion. Can your business afford to ignore figures like these?

Costs No Barrier

One of the reasons businesses are put off developing a website is costs, with many sites costing several thousand dollars to develop and hundreds of dollars a year to maintain.

En Pointe can perform web design for you for only $250 for a one-page website. Extra pages will cost only $50 each. Just because our prices are great doesn’t mean you won’t get a fantastic product. Our website design will match your business needs, ensuring you end up with a product that you’ll be proud of and, most importantly, will help you reach your customers. And we can include many of the options you may be looking for, including enquiry forms, interactive contact pages, animation and more.

We’ll also make sure the site is optimised for search engines, which means you’ll rank higher when people search for businesses such as yours through Google, Yahoo and ninemsn. We can also organise domain name registration and web hosting for as little as $20 for two years, plus develop a maintenance plan that will ensure your site is kept up to date without costing a fortune.

Contact En Pointe about web design and we’ll make your leap on to the Internet hassle free and cost effective.

En Pointe Current Special

When you purchase business cards with En Pointe you can get $50 off the cost of letterheads purchased at the same time. This means, for example, that you can get 1000 business cards and 1000 letterheads for only $300! This offer is only available until the end of August 2008.

Define the Differences

One of the keys to marketing your business successfully is to highlight the key areas where you are different from other businesses of the same type.

For example, if you were an insurance broker, you may want to highlight in your marketing material the types of insurance you specialise in, your friendly and personal service, your simple and confusion-free advice and your no obligation quotes.

Explain these differences in simple language – rather than giving a sales pitch or confusing terms – and more people will believe your business is one they can trust.

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