March 2009 E-Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Current special – photography services
  • Business newsletters
  • En Pointe’s updated website
  • How often should you update your website
  • Welcome new clients
  • Thought for the day

Current special

Need to update photographs of your business, for your website, marketing material or whatever?

During March and April, En Pointe is offering a 20% discount on all photography services. This means, for example, you can get a package of 10 to 15 photographs, digitally edited and optimised to suit your needs, from just $160. Or you can pay by the hour for our services at the discounted rate of $40.

Contact En Pointe during the next two months to take advantage of this excellent offer.

E-Newsletter tip #43

Email marketing, e-newsletters, e-marketing, email newsletters… Call it what you like, email marketing is a fantastic, cost effective method of keeping in touch with your clients or potential customers.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when developing business email marketing is writing too much copy. Generally, email marketing is most effective when it’s short, relevant and to the point. You don’t have to tell clients or would-be clients everything. It can be better to leave them wanting more so that they’ll take action to contact you for more information.

Here’s news

En Pointe can guide you on the best way for your business to undertake email marketing, either through your own computing systems or through one of the many contact systems available in the market place. In addition, En Pointe can provide support and assistance in line with your expertise, time and budget to ensure you can develop and distribute your email marketing regularly.

Go to our email marketing web page for more information and prices.

We’ve had a facelift!

No, we didn’t go under the surgeon’s knife but our website has. En Pointe’s website ( has undergone an update to improve the design, copywriting and ease of use for visitors. The update was also designed to ensure the site accurately reflects the products and services we offer clients.

How often should you update your website?

There are basically two answers to the question of how often a business website should be updated.

Minor updates should generally be made regularly, to keep your site looking fresh. These types of updates, which are simple and quick to deploy, may include changes to products or services, specials, the news section of your site and additions to your portfolio or testimonials. Most importantly, any content that is outdated must be changed as it reflects poorly on your business’ image.

In addition to minor updates, generally a business website should undergo a major upgrade every three to five years. It’s a wise move to start from scratch with this type of update by revisiting important aspects such as the objectives of your website, the profile of your target audience, key messages and how best to arrange your information.

No matter how new or old your website, the important thing is not to forget it. Make a regular date in your diary to look at every page on your website to identify any areas that need to be updated.

Welcome to the En Pointe family

  • Brighton Bay Medical Centre: Business cards
  • Sabun Kozmetik Pty Ltd: Two mini websites ( and
  • Cooper Mill Lawyers: Copywriting

Communication thought for the day

Benjamin Franklin once said while it’s important to say the right thing in the right place, it’s more important, and often more difficult, to not say the wrong thing at the wrong time. Isn’t that the truth!

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