Creating the perfect business card (and how to use it)

The may be small but, as this article by Dario Paolini explains, the humble business card is still a valuable marketing communications tool.

Business cards are one of the most well-known and valuable marketing strategies that you can use. Not only are they portable, but they are affordable and resourceful. A variety of different people use business cards, such as small or large businesses, entrepreneurs, or even for personal use.

Some things you might find on a business card would be business information or personal information, a company logo, and contact information. People use to believe that business cards should be plain black text on white card stock, but today, professional business cards can include more colors, nicely designed logos along with other business details.

Business cards are used to give the customers or potential customer information on how to contact the business or a certain representative of that particular business. This is a convenient way to help recall who they were talking to.

There are many great places to keep business cards ready and available, such as, in your pocket or purse, on your desk, or in your car. It’s good to have business cards always on hand so you can give one to new people that you meet. Make sure to have business cards available all the time. If you are running low, be sure to order or print more before you actually run out.

An excellent place to advertise with business cards is any where that has a bulletin board such as your local restaurants, supermarkets, or libraries. Some places will even hand out your business cards in return for handing out theirs.

When you give someone your business card hand write something on the back such as your cell phone number, email address (if its not already on there), this will give them a good reason to keep the card. If you are helping someone out with say directions or something, instead of letting them write down the directions offer to write it down for them and use one of your business cards instead of a napkin or scrap paper. You never know they might just call you.

As a business manager it is a good idea to have personalized business cards for each of your staff members. They can give out their contact information and advertise for your business at the same time. This also makes your staff feel more appreciated and important. Since your employees are part of your network it is good to use that network to produce more business for you and your company.

By: Dario Paolini

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