Putting your website under the microscope

How long has it been since you updated your business website?

If you’re like many business owners, you may have given little or no thought to your website since it was developed, which means you may be missing out on opportunities. So it’s time to set aside an hour or two and take a thorough look at your website. You might be surprised what you will find!

Key areas to check

  • Check all pages for any outdated information. For example, during a recent website re-development I undertook for a client, the client was surprised to find links to training courses that weren’t offered any more. Having outdated information looks unprofessional and can be a turn-off for potential customers.
  • When checking your website for outdated information, pay particular attention to contact details and any names of staff. For many businesses, getting a contact from a prospective client is the main objective of their website so it’s vital to have the correct contact information.
  • If you have a latest news, blog or similar section on your website, is new information added regularly? If all your entries in the latest news or blog section are months or years old it’s better to remove the section altogether. Then, when there is a news item that you want to tell visitors, perhaps you can place it in a sidebar on the home page or another section of your website. Just don’t forget to remove the news items when it gets old.

Other key points

  • Updating your website regularly is a great idea. Not only is it good for repeat visitors to see new information, making changes and additions will help make your website more attractive to search engines such as Google.
  • Generally it’s a good idea for a business website to have a major upgrade every three to five years. This may involve a new design, new content or new features to make it easier for customers to interact with your business or find the information they need. For major upgrades, start from scratch and revisit important planning aspects such as the objectives of your website, your target customers and key messages.


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