The good mail on email newsletters

A good quality email newsletter can be a valuable asset for any business. As part of a larger email marketing and indeed marketing campaign, email newsletters can help you win new customers and maintain existing ones.

But the key is to make sure it’s good quality.

So what’s the difference between a good quality email newsletter that will become a cost effective method of keeping in touch with your customers and one that will deleted as soon as it hits the inbox?

Here are a few important tips to consider:

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make when developing business email newsletters is writing too much. Generally, email newsletters are most effective when the number and length of articles are short, relevant and to the point.
  • Use catchy headlines for your articles and your subject line.
  • Make sure the design of your newsletter is engaging and interesting. If your newsletter is simply text it certainly won’t be inviting. Also, ensure the design is consistent with your business’ brand.
  • Think about how you distribute your newsletter. A pdf attached to an email is not necessarily the best way. Commercial email distribution programs can be very economical and will increase the chances of your newsletter not being regarded as spam.

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