Get your $75 AdWords voucher!

Have you or your business tried Google AdWords?

In case you don’t know, Google AdWords is a program that allows you to advertise your business, products or services on Google and its display network. Considering Google’s popularity amongst Internet visitors, that can expose your business to a lot of people. Other benefits of Google AdWords include:

  • You only pay when someone clicks on your ad to go to your website
  • Ads are targeted
  • You set your daily budget
  • You can stop and start your ads whenever you wish
  • You’ll have access to sophisticated reports to help you improve your ad program

To be successful, however, structuring your Google AdWords campaign is vital. Keep these things in mind:

  • A good way to use Google AdWords is to focus on keywords that are too competitive for your onsite search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. For example, if you’re an accountant in Melbourne, ‘accountant Melbourne’ would be a very competitive keyword and you would therefore need to put a lot of effort into your SEO campaign to achieve top results. It’s better instead to focus on this keyword using AdWords.
  • Develop ads that specifically focus and are relevant to the keywords you have chosen.
  • Make sure your ad is pointing to the correct page on your website. Many people use their home page but this may not be the best page.
  • Use geographical targeting to localise your campaign.

If you need help to set up your Google AdWords campaign, En Pointe is your perfect partner. We can set-up your campaign for as little as $130 and manage your ads for as little as $32 per month. Apart from this, the only expense is the amount you choose to pay per month via your AdWords budget.

To kick-start your campaign, En Pointe has a $75 Google AdWords voucher to provide to clients. Vouchers are only available to new AdWords client; one voucher per client.

But be quick, the vouchers expire at the end of September this year.

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