Time for a (website) change

How well is your website working for your business? When faced with this question many business owners will admit their website isn’t helping them with conversions. Worse still, others will tell you they wouldn’t have a clue!

Either way, if your response is less than positive it’s time you took a look at your website. To get you started, take a look at the key factors below:

Outdated information

Is all the information on your website up to date? It’s not just obvious things such as product prices you need to look at. Check for items such as staff contact details and discount offers that are out of date.

New information

Is there a fundamental aspect of your business that’s changed but isn’t reflected on your website? Are there new services or products that should be included? Are there any special programs that you’ve forgotten to promote on your website?


Have you started a blog, latest news or articles section on your website but haven’t contributed to it for a while? If so, it might be time to re-think this area of your website and either reinvigorate it or dump it. A blog section that hasn’t been updated for an extended period can look unprofessional.

Stats matter

Take a look at your website statistics. If you’re not sure how, ask your website developer. Depending on the stats software, you may be able to find out valuable information such as how many people are looking at your website, which pages are most popular, common exit pages and the keywords people are using to find your website.

Time for an upgrade?

As a general rule, most business websites should be upgraded every three to five years. This may be as complex as a new design or be as simple as updating the content on the main pages. Whatever is required for your website, remember to plan your requirements and think about important factors such as website objectives, target customers and key messages.

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