Email content brings in the dough

There’s a saying in professional golf that you drive for show and putt for dough and it’s not much different in the world of email marketing. While email marketing campaigns can be well designed, look flashy and be fully functioned, stuff it full of bland dribble and you’ll soon turn your potential customer away. That doesn’t mean the design, presentation and functionality of your emails aren’t important; it simply means that it’s the content – and particularly the written content – that will bring in the dough.

So how do you write content for your email marketing campaigns that will bring potential customers knocking on your door?

There are several important steps:

  • Start with a strong subject. It’s the bit that people notice first in their inbox and if it’s boring, you lose.
  • After you get people to open your email – and that can be half the battle – keep them hooked with creative article headings.
  • Create strong introductions to your articles that engage and inform people.
  • Break up your content by having short articles and short paragraphs within the articles.
  • Similarly, sparing use of engaging photos or artwork can help break up your content.
  • Focus on the customer and the specific benefits you can provide them by including ‘you’ more than ‘they’ (and definitely more than ‘us’ and ‘we’).


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