Get a WordPress website for only $500!

A WordPress website for only $500! Is this a typo?

No, it isn't and it's not a trick. We're talking about a website that utilises the world's leading website content management system. And, yes, it will only cost you $500.

What you will get for a meagre $500 is the perfect solution for both individuals and businesses who want a website they can easily manage themselves. A website that gives them a web presence, without the normal high website costs. A website they can edit and add to whenever they want.

Here's what you get for your money:

  • WordPress installed on your website hosting (see note below).
  • A quality, robust WordPress template (that's simply a fancy way of saying the design or how the site will look).
  • Basic customisation (e.g. include your logo or name, modify the colours to suit, add contact details).
  • Content added to the site:
    • Up to five pages of text content.
    • Up to five images - these can be placed in pages or in a slideshow at the top of each page.
  • A contact form.
  • A map showing your location (if required)
  • Links to social media (if required)
  • Written instructions that will allow you to update your site yourself and add to the site whenever you want.

Is there a catch? Absolutely not, but neither is this a fully-customised solution. What it may be, however, is the perfect solution for you.

Are there hidden costs? Again, absolutely not. It is a good idea to keep your WordPress website updated every 12 months or so for security and other reasons, and you may need help from us to do this, but this is not an absolute must. The only additional costs you'll have, apart from the $500 website development costs, are expenses for buying and managing your domain ($10 - $15 a year) and website hosting (around $100 a year). It couldn't be easier or cheaper. If you want to have your own domain (i.e., this is the cheapest way of getting a new website that you can easily edit and add to.

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  • What if you don't have website hosting? That's okay, for a small additional cost we can organise hosting for you with one of Australia's leading website hosting firms.
  • If you want more than 5 pages or more than 5 images (or ecommerce facilities, other functions, etc.) we can do this too. It may cost a little more than $500, however, so get in touch with us for a firm quote.
  • We can also provide copywriting and stock images at an additional cost.
  • While we only provide basic customisation for this price, we'll make sure your WordPress websites will look unique, with the use of colours, images, layout and other elements.