Spring Clean Your Website

It's time to spring clean your website

We’re all busy looking after our small businesses, trying to service existing clients and win new ones, as well as managing other day to day needs, and that’s why your best lead generation tool probably hasn’t been thought of for a while.

So, while others are thinking about spring cleaning around their homes, now’s the time to spring clean your website by taking a good look at it with a fresh set of eyes, to see if there are improvements or changes that should be made.

Here are some things to look out for:

  1. Is there any outdated content on your website? It might be as simple as an updated phone number or an important detail about your business that’s changed.
  2. Consider if there’s new content you should add. If you’ve added a new service or new products, for example, or there are new images you can use to freshen your site. Keeping your site fresh by updating content is an important task you should do regularly throughout the year.
  3. Take a look at your site and all its pages (or at least all the main pages) to make sure there are no errors. Don’t just do this on a desktop or laptop, also look at the site on a mobile device.
  4. On the subject of mobile devices, is your site mobile friendly? It’s so important these days for your site to look good on mobile devices. For a simple way to check, go to the Google mobile friendly checking tool.
  5. Test any forms on your site to make sure they’re working correctly.
  6. Check for any broken links or, in other words, links that no longer direct visitors to the correct page. You can use a broken link checking tool to help.
  7. How long since the content management system behind your website has been updated? Not updating can cause errors and in some cases can even cause a website to go down. Backing up your content and website files before updating is important, so get in touch with me if you’d like help.
  8. Check your website statistics to see how many people are visiting your site and to get a general idea of what they do when they’re on your site. Don’t have a statistics package linked to your site? Give me a call as this is something I can easily fix.
  9. If you’re getting very few visitors to your website, or your visitors aren’t doing what you want them to do (i.e. buying products, contacting you, subscribing to your newsletter, etc.) it’s time to find out why. Statistics can help identify problems. Common issues include a lack of search engine optimisation, poor content (text as well as images) and a lacklustre design.
  10. Is your website due for a redevelopment? Most business websites need a complete redesign every three to five years. If your site hasn’t been redeveloped for a while, get in touch with me for a free discussion and quote.

For help on any of the above, or to receive a quote on new work, give me a call on 0439 318 621 or email me at paul@enpointeconsulting.com.au.

Refresh or perish!

According to a recent Vistaprint report, 60% of consumers surveyed say they’re less likely to buy from small businesses with old or neglected websites. It shouldn’t come as a surprise because if your website is sloppy, what does it say about your business?

The 7 second test

It’s generally accepted that you have around 7 seconds to engage a visitor when they go to your business website. If they’re not attached by the time 7 seconds has ticked over, they’ve hit the back button and kept searching for a business that does engage them.