If you’re developing a website, blogs for your website, a brochure, email marketing or other marketing communications, you need quality small business copywriting that will inform, interest and engage your target customers. You need affordable small business copywriting that sells.

En Pointe’s Paul Hurkmans has more than 20 years experience in journalism, small business copywriting and business communications. He understands the secrets of writing copy that sells and the importance of engaging customers by focusing on benefits rather than features. If you own or manage a small business, Paul can create affordable business copywriting for you, no matter what your business, no matter what your target audience.

SEO Copywriter

If you need small business copywriting for your website, En Pointe’s Paul Hurkmans is experienced in developing content to enhance your search engine optimisation efforts. He understands the importance keywords have on your SEO efforts and has vast experience in weaving these keywords into the headings, content, internal links and other key areas of your website’s pages.

For further information on how small business copywriting can help your website achieve higher rankings in search engines, contact En Pointe.

Copywriting and Editing Prices

Let En Pointe create affordable, informative, interesting and engaging small business copywriting for you:

  • Pay by the hour ($80/hour) for small business copywriting and editing. If you want information re-written this will often be a more cost effective method.
  • Pay by the blog. A blog of around 500 to 600 words will cost $60.
  • Contact En Pointe for a quote on a specific small business copywriting and editing project.

For examples of En Pointe’s affordable small business copywriting, see our Portfolio page.