November 2008 E-Newsletter

In this edition:

  • Think ahead for Christmas cards
  • Keeping the lid on marketing communications costs
  • Updating your business website
  • Leaving a lasting impression on your customers
  • Welcome to the En Pointe family

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

Christmas is less than two months away (believe it or not!) and as well as thinking about Christmas presents for the family, if you’re in business you also need to consider Christmas cards for clients.

For something a little different, a good idea is a product called a DLL card. The DLL card is 195mm X 87mm, so fits easily into a standard envelope, comes in 265gsm artboard and can be printed on two sides in full colour.

Currently you can organise 500 DLL cards from En Pointe for only $199 or 1000 for $225. These prices include a custom design and free delivery to anywhere in Australia. While the cards are terrific for Christmas they can be a great marketing material tool any time of the year.

Simple marketing ideas for next to no cost

Marketing doesn’t need to cost a fortune; in fact sometimes it can be free!

When you deal with a new customer, thank him or her for doing business with you. Then ask them if they would like to receive further information – such as a regular newsletter. It’s a great way of keeping the lines of communication open and ensuring your business is top of your customer’s mind.

It’s worthwhile noting that many marketing experts claim it costs five times as much to sell to a new customer than it does to an existing one. So it’s important to make the effort to keep your customers once you’ve got them.

Spinning an interesting web

Having a website is fast becoming a business imperative but you shouldn’t relax just because you have a presence on the web.

Maintaining and updating your website regularly is almost as important as having a website in the first place. If your website is out of date, chances are your customers – or potential customers – will notice, potentially resulting in lost sales and damage to your brand.

Many web designers will try to sell you a content management website, which means you can update the content yourself. But as well as costing significantly more than non-content management sites, it’s not the best option for most small business owners who don’t have the time and sometimes the skills to do the job. The best alternative for most small business websites is for the website designer to perform the updates.

For En Pointe customers this service doesn’t cost the earth, with monthly costs generally less than $50 and often significantly less. Plus, if you do require significant or more regular updates, other options such as simple website editing software can be explored.

Contact En Pointe to further discuss your website maintenance needs.

Leave a lasting, pleasant impression

Some small businesses greet visitors with a confusing array of signs on the outside and a reception area that’s a part-time storage room. So what are the first impressions customers and others receive about your business when they visit?

It might seem commonsense but it’s vital that people who visit your business are greeted with a clean environment, inside and out. After all, the impression they receive – good and bad – can determine whether they spend money with you. Keep things clean, uncluttered and organised, at least in areas where customers are likely to see, and you’ll help ensure your customers keep coming back.

Welcome to the En Pointe family

Davenports is one of Australia’s leading professional services firms with a staff in excess of 25. Davenports recently contracted En Pointe to upgrade its website ( with the aim of creating a modern, professional, stylish site that better reflected the company and its people.

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