Revamp your email marketing

If your business undertakes email marketing, it’s a good idea to regularly review whether or not your emails are achieving their objectives. If they aren’t, it may be time to review your entire email marketing campaign and revamp things. This article, by Suman Das, provides a good starting point on how to revamp your email marketing efforts.

We have found that a lot of our clients have reached a point where their email marketing campaigns are simply monotonous. They use almost same type of message for their campaigns and, while the results are also not bad, they stick to it; but there is more they could be doing. Any type of marketing is all about engagement, more you can engage your audience better will be the outcome. Your audience always looks for something interesting, and interest can be generated easily from something new that has a value to your audience.

Here are some points for revamping your email marketing campaigns!

  • Give your email template a new look – the look and feel is absolutely crucial. It is important to give your audience a bit of variety though, so if you have been sending the same template for a while, consider changing things a little bit. We recommend getting a professional to help with the design, as it is not quite as simple as you might think!
  • Make it short – does your email contain lots of text? Try and keep your text short and to the point. This will certainly make your recipients read your message.
  • Image, image and image – As you know: a picture is worth a thousand words! Including more images make your email attractive, but there is a problem. Most email engines do not display images by default, so while adding a great picture do not overlook the text content.
  • Use a friendly ‘from’ email address – friendly ‘from’ addresses are a great way to get the trust of your recipients and encourage them to open your email. If you do not have a friendly ‘from’ address, then consider investing!
  • Segment and test – segmenting your recipient list and then testing different aspects of your campaign is a great way to find out elements that could be improved. There are many ways to segment your list, consider choosing a type that works for you.
  • Spend time on your subject line – your subject line is the first thing your recipients will see and so is vital to improve open rates. Therefore it must pack a real punch to convince your recipients to open.
  • Analyze data about your recipients – if you want to really start doing some advanced segmentation and targeting, then you will need to collect more data about your recipients. You can do this by linking your email marketing platform up with your CRM database and/or by running a survey.
  • Consider social media sharing links – after you have made all these changes to your email, I am sure your recipients will be delighted with the messages they are receiving. Chances are they might want to share the message with their like-minded friends. To encourage this, include social media sharing links in your email message. Do not forget to include a subscribe button too so that the new people that read your message can sign-up to receive further emails in future.

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