How do you rate for website conversions?

How do you measure the success or otherwise of your business website? One way is called website conversion rate and it’s something business website owners should know and keep an eye on regularly.

What is website conversion rate? Put simply, it’s the number of people who go to your website and do what you want them to do, whether it be buy a product, contact you, complete a form or ask for a free ‘how to’ guide. If you have one hundred visitors to your site and one person does what you want them to do, you have a website conversion rate of 1%. If you have 5 people do what you want them to do for every 100 visitors, your conversion rate is 5%.

While every business owner would love to have a website conversion rate of 100%, in practice this is impossible to achieve. So what should you aim for? While this will depend on your business sector and other factors, in general an aim of between 1% – 5% is realistic. Any better than this and you’re doing very well.

Want to aim high? Then look no further than Amazon, which is reputed to have a website conversion rate that hovers consistently around 20%!

If you want to improve your website conversion rate there are many tactics you can try. These include improving the design of your website, developing quality copy that sells, improving your site’s navigation and developing a website more specifically for your target market.

Business reputation and brand awareness are other major factors in determining your website conversion rate, so any tactics you can employ to build these areas may pay dividends.


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