Back up!

In this hi-tech age, most of us know about the importance of backing up data. Whether it’s a contact list on the smartphone or documents on the computer, regularly backing up data – particularly data that is important to you – is a vital part of our personal and business lives.

But if you’re a business owner there’s one other backup you may be neglecting – your website.

Recently, I helped a new client who’s website had been hacked. Unfortunately, the person who developed the website didn’t have a backup and getting a backup from the web-host proved difficult. The end result is that the website was down for several weeks.

If you can’t afford this type of disruption to your business website, it’s time to act by making sure your website is backed up regularly. For most of us – who have websites built on a content management system – this means taking backups of the website content and the important files that display the content.

The good news is that in most cases performing these backups is not difficult. In fact, you may be able to do most if not all of the work yourself.

Even if you do need to call on a website developer to perform all or part of the backup work, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ll be okay if your website is hacked or fails for some other reason.


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